E-GoTrip Project

Welcome to eGoTrip - the project's website for the Innovative Concept Van (ICV)

This web documentation aims to inform the community about the project's goals and achievements.

The project`s objective is the conceptual designdevelopment and prototyping of a visionary, multi-purpose motor home / office based on a Panel van type. 

The project commenced end of 2012 and is scheduled for an initial period of two years.

The project and its prototyped innovative concept van are named „eGoTrip“ which represents the project`s main research and development activities: 

  • E for Energy EfficiencyErgonomics (Human Design), Environmental Sustainability, Enter-/Infotainment and E-Mobility   

  • Go for the project`s forward movement and its initiative and    

  • Trip for the visionary journey employing latest and future technology and studying its feasibility

The concept van aims to distinguish itself from the current state of design of motorhomes and serves as a case study for the application of latest technology and its feasibility.

The research project is accompanied by a media partner which will publish a series of articles in which general project results and findings will be disseminated.

The concept van will be displayed to the public on several shows and exhibitions.  

The Institute also carries out tests according to customised specification and consults companies in energy efficiency, ergonomics and environmental sustainability.

We do not manufacture or sell products! For this please contact our project partners.

For recommendations, suggestions or further information please contact us per  Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! . 


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